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Chapter 298 Who Do You Think You Are

  • “Our scores?”
  • Alex turned around to look at Damian and sneered, “Sure. How should we do this?”
  • Damian laughed, “Didn’t you say that you’re a geomancer? Well, let’s compete and see who’s the better geomancer.”
  • “Who do you think you are? Why should I compete with you?” Alex snorted.
  • Damian became more confident as he thought that Alex was refusing because he was afraid. Without any hint of anger, he laughed, “Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. You’ll benefit from the competition. If I lose, I’ll give you two hundred million. If you lose, you’ll give me that Monoceros bone that you’ve gotten. How about that?”
  • Although Damian and his junior’s aim was to kill Alex, they would not kill him until they had gotten their hands on the Monoceros bone.
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