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Chapter 27 The King Of The Underworld Kneels

  • The crowd of onlookers looked expectantly at Dylan, waiting for his reply. However, Dylan continued to press his lips tightly together, refusing to speak.
  • Alex took one look at the woman standing next to Dylan and understood everything at once.
  • He had seen this girl before. Wasn’t she Dylan’s wife, Penny?
  • Seeing how she stood next to Bob, Alex knew immediately that there was a salacious tale here waiting to be told.
  • Derek walked forward and looked disbelievingly at Bob. “Bob, what’s going on?”
  • Still confused about the relationship between Derek and Alex, Bob replied haltingly, “Recently, I started an affair with a married woman. Today, this guy showed up to deliver my takeaway order, and recognized my honey as his wife. He went berserk and smashed some of my furniture. In a fit of rage, I beat him up and ordered him to pay for the damage.”
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