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Chapter 266 Who Do You Think You Are

  • “Which hospital? Have you made an appointment?” asked Alex as he buckled his seat belt.
  • “It’s just for an abortion. Why the need for an appointment? Who do you think you are?” Kate asked sarcastically.
  • “True. Then we’ll go to a public hospital then.” Alex nodded his head as he drove the car.
  • There was nothing much to be said during the whole journey, so they were silent the whole way. The atmosphere in the car was rather cold and embarrassed.
  • At the hospital, even though it was early morning, the number of patients were already high. After waiting in line for half an hour, it was finally Kate’s turn.
  • After all the medical examinations, the doctor said that Kate’s body was still frail and asked that she waited for another week before doing the abortion, or it might harm her body in the long run.
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