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Chapter 262 He Is Indeed A Geomancer

  • Opening the door, Mrs. Jennings was about to step in when she spotted the Jones family members. Taken by surprise, her heart trembled as she slammed the door shut and dare not come out of the room.
  • “Yes, my father is Stefan, head of the Jones family,” explained Autumn to Heather to emphasize her lineage.
  • “You... you. What bring you here?” Heather stammered, anticipating an incoming storm.
  • “I’m here to return Mr. Alex’s phone. Didn’t he come to the Jones’ family mansion to help? He accidentally left his phone there,” Autumn revealed as she handed the phone over to Heather.
  • “Huh?” Heather felt confused and just took the phone. Was that the only reason she came here?
  • Could it be that I have blamed Alex wrongly?
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