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Chapter 26 King Of The Underworld

  • Derek nodded. “Alright.” With that, he started his car and drove off quickly.
  • All the ladies looked at each other in confusion. Who was this man, and why did Derek obey his orders?
  • After all, Derek was the king of the underworld in Nebula City. He had numerous underlings working under him, all of whom addressed him respectfully as Mr. Fleming. Many of the business clans had to humble themselves in front of him.
  • On the other hand, Alex was dressed very plainly, and quite frankly, he looked very much like a loser. However, Derek addressed him politely as Mr. Jefferson and deferred to his every need. This was the first time Derek did for someone.
  • Gazing at Alex’s side profile from the backseat, the ladies’ hearts fluttered a little.
  • With his eyes focused on the road, Derek asked, “Mr. Jefferson, when did you arrive in Nebula City?”
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