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Chapter 236 Fishing Sticks

  • Zachariah and his friends had a contemptuous look on their faces.
  • He enjoyed seeing Alex being humiliated like this.
  • Zachariah cast a glance at Jessica and snorted to himself. Jessica Saffin, did you really fall for this kind of man? He’s such a loser. So what if he receives over a million in pay each month? He’s just a wage-earner! This guy was a dud compared to Taylor.
  • Alex narrowed his eyes while Jessica tugged at his arms, “Let’s go back. There’s nothing fun around here anyway.”
  • Kurt is really over the line here. Why should I stay to suffer his humiliation? Jessica thought to herself.
  • Alex was the chairman of Four Seas Corporation. Yet, he had to suffer the insults of Zachariah and his friends because of her. Jessica was enraged yet upset that Alex had to put up with all these.
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