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Chapter 226 This Is My Boyfriend

  • The two men exchanged glances in surprise.
  • Who would’ve thought that this family is so powerful?
  • “Ah, Mr. Wells is dropping by? Then we should leave him a seat,” replied Zane, who felt much better after hearing it. He smiled brightly, but he also started to see things differently. Mr. Wells is dropping by to wish Ronald’s mom a happy birthday. This is something I should look into and consider when making future decisions.
  • Presley took a seat after Zane sat down. That was followed by Jessica’s uncle, Ronald, and other respectable individuals in the village.
  • Everyone was courteous, but they didn’t disrupt the traditional seating orders.
  • “Jessica, Alex, you two should sit here,” instructed Victoria when she saw Jessica leading Alex to the other table. Victoria was pointing at the two seats at the other end of the main table.
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