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Chapter 218 Alex Is The Master

  • “Mom, what are you doing? What’s so secretive that you can’t talk freely in front of Alex?” asked Jessica in puzzlement.
  • “What is going on? Why haven’t I heard you talk about this before?” demanded Kitty.
  • “Oh, you mean about Alex? I wanted to surprise you,” replied Jessica with a smile.
  • “Giving me a surprise? It feels more like you’re trying to give me a stroke!” complained Kitty.
  • “Why would that give you a stroke?” chuckled Jessica calmly.
  • “Let me ask you something. What is so bad about Zachariah ? He studied overseas and got a job as a high-ranking officer with the government immediately after. His father is the second-in-command of the police department in Airedale, so his family background is great. Moreover, he is handsome and charming, so what is so bad about him?” demanded Kitty angrily.
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