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Chapter 217 At Jessica House

  • Jessica’s heart stirred. She knew that Alex was just joking, but her heart still wished for that to actually happen.
  • She quickly shook her head to toss the demonic thought out of her. Jessica Saffin, keep it together! What the hell were you thinking about? Alex is married. Besides, he is an outstanding man so there’s no way he’d be into woman like you!
  • “Don’t worry. My mom is quite reasonable. She won’t badger us about it,” replied Jessica with a smile.
  • “Good,” commented Alex as he grinned.
  • The two of them walked into the front yard and immediately saw a middle-aged lady approaching them.
  • “Hey, isn’t this Jessica? You’ve grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Oh, is this your boyfriend?” asked the middle-aged woman in surprise when she saw Alex standing beside Jessica.
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