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Chapter 210 You Owe Me Your Life

  • Alex remained calm as he swept his gaze over the bodyguards. He said, “You should think about it, too. Those who go against me will end up groveling at my feet.”
  • “Grovel at your feet?” Desmond scoffed and raised his chin in disdain. “Come on. Let’s see how you’ll make me get down on my knees today!”
  • The crowd gasped at Desmond’s words. Everyone thought Alex would pay the price for talking back to him.
  • However, Alex frowned when he saw a black gust of air surrounding Desmond’s forehead. Something bad is about to happen to him, he thought.
  • A tiny smile lit his face as he uttered, “Kid, something bad is coming your way. I believe misfortune will befall you today. If you get on your knees now, I might consider saving you. Otherwise, you’ll be dead by nightfall.”
  • He had learned some geomancy skills from the Nine Heaven Scrolls, so he could help Desmond out if the young man agreed to get on his knees.
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