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Chapter 192 The Ten Million Charm

  • Heather frowned, but quickly made up her mind after a brief thinking. They were about to head to the police station when a familiar voice interrupted them, “Hey, Heather, where are you all off to?”
  • It was Jacob, suddenly arriving at the company just as they were about to leave. There was a genial warmth in his words that was definitely not there when he had supported Demi’s decision to cast Heather’s family out of the Jennings’.
  • “Why are you here?” Lucas replied defensively upon seeing Jacob.
  • If it were not for Jacob and Harper adding fuel to the fire and suggesting that their family should be banished, Demi definitely would not have done so. It was Jacob and Harper who made Demi harden her heart.
  • “Aunt Carmen, Granny actually sent me to ask you to return to us. Since Alex isn’t a criminal, then there was no grounds in all of you being banished from the Jennings family,” Jacob addressed Carmen deferentially, totally ignoring Lucas.
  • “Really?” Carmen could not believe her ears as she felt a sudden sense of relieved happiness. Even if the Jennings family had nothing else to offer them, this would still avert the problem of their family’s reputation being stained.
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