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Chapter 187 The Joy Of Engagement

  • “You useless scum, what are you talking about? Do you have a death wish, huh?” Jacob growled, raising a hand to hit Alex.
  • Alex caught his wrist and held it firmly as Jacob struggled to break free from his grip.
  • “Sometimes, I really do wonder how your sense of logic functions,” Alex said in disdain. “If I give Harper a normal watch, it means that she’s a whore. So if Henry gives her a branded watch, does it mean that she’s a super whore?”
  • This family was impossible to deal with.
  • Initially, Alex had no intention of buying her a present at all. It was upon Heather’s insistence afterwards that he simply picked out a gift from a nearby watch stall.
  • The watch looked like it was worth only about thirty. Seeing Alex coming in a luxury car, the storekeeper proceeded to call a price of hundred at once. Alex didn’t bother to haggle with the storekeeper either. If he did then he would probably be able to save at least forty or so.
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