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Chapter 178 I Want To Withdraw Money

  • The woman smiled vaguely, but the coldness in her eyes was evident. “I’m afraid you can’t go to the VIP room. If you are looking for someone, please wait in the lobby.”
  • Alex froze for a moment and raised his eyebrows before saying, “I want to do a transaction in the VIP room.”
  • Remaining the polite smile on her face, the woman scrutinized Alex as she said, “You can do that in the lobby. Feel free to withdraw and deposit money at the counters or ATMs. VIP rooms are only for distinguished clients.”
  • The VIP room is only for transactions exceeding a million. I don’t think he even has a hundred thousand!
  • “But I want to withdraw money.” Alex was starting to feel annoyed by the woman’s disdainful expression.
  • Frowning, the woman replied impatiently, “I’ve already told you that you can do it in the lobby.”
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