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Chapter 165 Absolutely Disgusting

  • Heather was slightly disappointed when she saw that Chairman still had his clown mask on.
  • Slowly walking over to Alex’s desk with a smile on her face, she said, “Chairman, I’m here to update you on my latest progress.”
  • “Okay.” Alex nodded and signaled for her to continue.
  • “Chairman, there hasn’t been anyone from the Jennings family who has intervened with the company lately. And it won’t be long before the company resumes its normal operations. I’ve also brokered three business deals. One of them is a partnership with the Wood Group. The budget for this partnership is slightly above thirty million. The second is a partnership with Carrie Private Limited. This budget is around forty million. The last partnership is with New Entertainment Film and Television Company. I managed to persuade them into working with us for their celebrity repackaging project. The revenue for this project is much greater than we can estimate.”
  • Heather stared obsequiously at Chairman. She was dying to see if the face behind the mask was smiling or not.
  • Honestly, she was confident that these three projects would be enough to win the trust of Chairman.
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