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Chapter 161 Living In Shame Is Better Than Dying

  • Upon noticing Alex, Reuben turned to him and scoffed, “Alex, do you really think this bunch of lowlifes is going to be enough to stop me from leaving?”
  • “Well, they aren’t going to be able to stop you. But I can,” Alex declared confidently.
  • After studying Alex from head to toe, Reuben burst out laughing, “Have you mistaken me for someone of Freddie’s caliber?”
  • “It doesn’t matter how powerful you are. If you want to live to see tomorrow, return me my black card and destroy your own Mortal Force,” Alex warned.
  • Since Reuben hadn’t been planning on taking Alex’s life, the latter was prepared to spare his in return.
  • There were many things that Charlie wasn’t telling him. Thus, he planned on capturing Reuben and questioning him instead.
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