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Chapter 160 Saving Charlie

  • “Let him go first. Then I’ll give you the card,” bargained Alex.
  • Glancing at Charlie, Reuben chuckled. “Although I don’t believe you have the guts to try any funny business, this is your turf after all. What’s more, Freddie was killed by you. Of course, I will have to take more precaution when dealing with you.”
  • The moment he finished, one of the young men behind him pressed a knife against Charlie’s neck.
  • Alex’s heart immediately skipped a beat. “Alex,” Charlie wheezed, “Don’t care about me! If you were to hand over the black card to him, you will never be able to take your revenge!”
  • “Charlie...” Upon hearing how weak Charlie sounded, Alex could tell that they had completely destroyed the Mortal Force inside him.
  • I’m going to kill them! If it hadn’t been for me, this wouldn’t have happened to Charlie. And the Mortal Force he’s been cultivating for almost all his life wouldn’t have been destroyed either.
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