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Chapter 135 Mockery

  • All of a sudden, the crowd cast a skeptical and contemptuous gaze on Alex.
  • Heather felt embarrassed because her husband wasn’t a match for exceptional men like Tony and Wade.
  • “Heather, you’re such an exceptional woman. I’m sure you’ve gotten married to an equally exceptional man, haven’t you?” Their homeroom teacher asked sarcastically.
  • Upon receiving their homeroom teacher’s sarcastic remark, Heather couldn’t bring herself to introduce Alex to her ex-classmates.
  • “Please tell me he’s at least as successful as Tony.” their homeroom teacher ridiculed Heather once again.
  • “Mr. Hendrickson, aren’t you aware of the actual identity of Heather’s husband? He’s the kept-man everyone in town used to talk about back in the day!” One of Heather’s female classmates broke the silence. She got ahead of Heather and answered on her behalf.
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