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Chapter 129 Thank You So Much Mr Jefferson

  • “Mr. Jefferson, does that mean my mother won’t be possessed anymore from now onwards?” Jessica asked.
  • “Nope, but I’m pretty sure someone from your family has previously offended a mystic art practitioner. If it’s possible, you should move and settle down elsewhere as soon as possible.” Alex cast the puppet aside nonchalantly.
  • Jessica hesitated because it would involve another fortune if they were to move elsewhere since they had to procure a new property. She couldn’t possibly afford a new house because she had recently spent all her mother’s savings to purchase a new car.
  • Alex reassured Jessica as though he was aware of her concerns, “If you don’t have enough money, I can always lend you some.”
  • The woman felt extremely touched deep down. She raised her head, looking at Alex in the eyes as she said, “Can you please lend me three hundred thousand? That’ll be all I need for the down payment!”
  • “Sure. I’ll transfer the money to you once you’ve made up your mind,” Alex nodded before leaving the cemetery.
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