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Chapter 124 Nine Heaven Scrolls

  • When Alex left Desecrated Court, he went to the market to prepare for the night after tomorrow. He was determined to solve this matter for the Saffin family.
  • He had also purposely delayed for two days so that he could study the Nine Heaven Scrolls better.
  • After gathering everything that he needed, Alex went to the office. He then stayed in his room and started to learn how to draw talismans.
  • According to the Nine Heaven Scrolls, he could turn the Stacked Thunderstorm Spell into a Thunderstorm Spell by drawing it on a talisman. The disadvantage of it was that the power of the talisman wouldn’t be as strong as the spells cast out.
  • The advantage of the Thunderstorm Spell, however, was that it wouldn’t drain him of energy.
  • After he had drawn the Thunderstorm Spell, Alex started to study the topic of geomancy.
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