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Chapter 110 A Bet

  • The scornful voice of Kate drifted over to them as she stepped out of the restaurant.
  • There’s no way Alex can buy an R8. The chairman must have only just bought it!
  • “Damn, how shameless can he get? Everyone knows he’s living off of his wife. What’s there to pretend? How could he drive his chairman’s car over and act like it’s his?”
  • “Yeah! We’re all classmates here. We all know each other’s backgrounds. What’s the point of trying to act like something he’s not?”
  • One after another, they mocked and insulted Alex.
  • Exiting his vehicle, Alex calmly shut the car door before he took a good look at the men who had made fun of him. Several of them had been there when the incident at Walt’s house went down, yet they still dared to insult him now. He had to admire their bravery.
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