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Chapter 72 Justin's Past

  • “Okay, you want to know what I’m on about. You already know your father hired my brother to attack your sister to provoke her to use her powers. Go to any lengths he said. Once the deed was done, he exiled us. My mother, father, brother, and me. I was just a cub at the time. We weren’t a big enough pack alone. We needed to join another, which meant my father had to fight for alpha. He lost the fight. My mother was forced to become the reigning alpha’s second wife. We became trapped within this pack.” He paused. “Your father will pay for what he did. Lucas could not say no. If he had, then we would have suffered a worse fate than being exiled.”
  • James and Chris both laugh, deep belly laughs, which echo around the room.
  • “You went to all that trouble for that? Male wolves fight for alpha all the time. If he had gone to my mother she would have helped,” Chris says.
  • Justin sneers. “When we were living with the Salem pack, we learned some things. Your father was the one who persuaded Meredith to curse our people. The village we lived in started to burn the half-breed result of coupling between an angel and a human. You may have heard of it. It was known as the Salem Witch Trials. Michael was not happy about this. He came to our village and demanded we stop. He was classed as a witch too. He escaped though and came back with Meredith. She cursed us to change once a month into wolves. We became the animals Michael believed us to be. The angels were the ones who were using the humans. Yet it was us who had to pay for their sins.”
  • I listened carefully to his story. He blames the Michaels for his nature.
  • “Well, I think they need to rewrite the history books,” I mutter.
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