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Chapter 70 Plan

  • "The ogre realm has been attacked too." "Fifty-three ogres are willing to fight for us," James reveals, breaking the strained silence.
  • "We also have over twenty dragons willing to give us a hand. The rest will be protecting their prince and realm. We are just finding the best place for them in the battle."
  • "We hide the dragons here." Chris points to a spot on the map that makes no sense to me. We remove twenty people from the battle and replace them with the ogres. The people we remove will be ones with active powers like fireballs and such. They can ride on the backs of the dragons and aim at the demons from the air." Everyone nods and James begins to move pins around and jots some stuff down in the notepad.
  • The plan looks fool proof on paper. I try to squish the sense of insecurity I'm feeling. Because I also know the plan could fail. I know we could fall flat on our faces, bringing the world and realms down with us. The plan does have legs though. It might just work. I must hold onto that tiny ray of hope.
  • ***
  • "You did it!" James lifts me in the air and spins me around. After days of torture trying to control my powers, I finally managed to call each one at will and control it.
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