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Chapter 68 Working Together

  • I pull away feeling a little better. “She will be okay,” Misty whispers then opens a book. I glance at the text. The writing is just a load of gibberish with a few symbols thrown in.
  • “You can understand that?” I ask pointing at the book.
  • She laughs at the expression on my face. “Yes, sorry, it must look very peculiar to you.” She waves her hand over the text, and the writing turns to English. “All the spells and potion books have a charm placed upon them. If one of these books came into the hands of a human, the results could be devastating.”
  • “Oh, I am sure no human would know what a hogweed is.” I laugh.
  • We spend most of the afternoon in the kitchen making various potions that can either hurt or kill various kinds of demons. I learned a lot, and I was glad Misty did not hold back and answered all my questions.
  • At the end of the day, we curl up on either end of the couch. “I never asked before,” I say. “But what happened with Justin?”
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