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Chapter 63 Am I Dead?

  • “I see Belinda got you.” Misty points to my bloodied tea towel covered hand.
  • “Yeah, thanks, a warning would have been nice.” I give her a mock stern look. She smiles and lets out a small laugh.
  • “Why, so you could have avoided her?”
  • “Well, duh, yeah. I would have kept out of sight of a crazy woman branding a knife.” I glance at the dried blood coating the towel and feel relieved the sight of the blood hasn’t turned my stomach. I’m getting better at the small things. Strangely, I notice my palm doesn’t hurt anymore. I pull the towel away and gulp in surprise. The wound’s almost closed. The others see my reaction and gather around me.
  • “Wow, witches and angels both heal fast, but never like this,” James declares, shaking his head while inspecting my palm.
  • I shrug my shoulders and pull my hand back. I head to the bathroom to wash up before I try and get some sleep. I’m going to need as much rest as I can get. I have a feeling thing are about to get much worse.
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