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Chapter 31 Wall Of Fire

  • I make my way to the water and sit on a wooden ledge that looks like it was made for fisherman. I dangle my feet over the edge, letting the cool water wash over my feet, taking the mud with it.
  • "What the hell are you doing?" Cole yanks me up by my upper arm, squeezing so tight I am afraid he will snap my bone. His odd behavior is lost on me. I don’t understand his actions.
  • "I...I was just washing my feet." My words come out strained. I am trying to explain something that really doesn’t need an explanation, but his angry glare makes me want to express my actions. Yet I am afraid. The flash of fire in his eyes terrifies me.
  • No matter how much I try to be strong, those eyes are my undoing. So much pain and suffering have been inflicted upon me when his eyes have been consumed by the fire that my body cowers at the sight of them.
  • He lets go of my arm, and I rub it with my other hand, and glare angrily at him. Large seal like creatures soar high into the air then fall gracefully back into the water. Their bodies look like snakes with gray scales. Their beady eyes are small black slits. They open their mouths wider than I think is possible. Their thin, pointed tongue whips towards me at high speed. One minute I am watching their dagger-like tongues coming towards me, and the next, I am standing outside an old castle ruin. I sigh. I am never going to get used to this.
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