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Chapter 20 Chris

  • My mind is foggy, my eyelids heavy, and a deep pain settles in the base of my skull. The coppery smell of blood is heavy in the air. Needle like pains shoot down my neck as I slightly move my body. I run my hand down, searching for the source. My fingers catch a thin object that curves at the end, which sends a sharp acute pain down my spine.
  • I pull hard. The object comes free easily, leaving a dull throb. I hold a tranquilizer dart. What are the odds of been hit twice with one of these within the space of twenty-four hours?
  • I inwardly kick myself; I am no longer behind the waterfall. I let my guard down. I should have got us out while I had the chance. We were so close, just feet away.
  • Cursing, I pull myself into a sitting position. Panic fills every pore of my body, the fear so great it renders me immobile.
  • Large grey concrete steps with a hint of brown, lead to an altar. A black marble slab lies in the centre, covered by a red velvet cloth. Deep red candles surround the slab, each flame flickering wildly in the steady wind. Upon the slab lies a motionless body. Blond long golden curls glitter in the moonlight.
  • Kayla, her name rushes to my mind, her arms strapped down by black leather binders.
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