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Chapter 14 Faraway

  • As I walk into the main part of the school, Misty calls it the lobby; I’m a ball of nerves. Misty smiles and waves me over. She is sitting on a plush black leather couch beside James. They look to be in deep discussion their heads bent slightly forward.
  • “Hey, we need to go shopping for the dance next Friday,” Misty gushes as I take a seat. She Waves her hands in the air as she speaks with excitement.
  • “I don’t think I am going to go.” The dance sounds like a bad idea. I cannot make it through a lesson without something going wrong.
  • “You have to come; it will be great. Please,” she gives me her puppy dog eyes and pulls at my heart strings until I relent.
  • “OK, fine, maybe just for half hour or so.” I inwardly kick myself for yet again letting Misty persuade me. I can be a push over at times.
  • “Thank you, we are going to have so much fun.” She hugs me, bouncing up and down, I can’t help but laugh, my anxiety disappearing.
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