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Chapter 45 Black Hole

  • “Meredith became extraordinarily strong. One night on a full moon she trapped Lucifer and hundreds of creatures of the night in their own realm. The spell she cast could only be undone by the blood of Meredith and would only work before the child became an adult. You are a descendent of Meredith. Her blood runs through your veins.”
  • My mind swims with many questions. "So, Meredith was the Virgin Mary?" I ask, hoping I had followed the story correctly.
  • "Yes, Meredith was indeed Mary. As the years went by the story changed little by little, to what the people on Earth now believe."
  • "So, they need my blood to reverse the spell that locks him in his castle?"
  • "Yes, but I am afraid that is no longer the case. The portal has already been opened. They carried out the ritual while you and Chris were kidnapped in the Land of Forgotten Souls." That explains my cut wrists and the weakness I felt when I woke in the motel.
  • Images flash in my mind. A low hum of voices grows louder until they become clear. The scenes play out clearly. So, it wasn’t a dream. He’d taken my memories. The water he’d given me at the motel had stripped them away.
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