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Chapter 13 Mystery Woman

  • Misty and I both have a history lesson; we walk arm in arm like we have done many times before. I silently chide myself for forgiving her so easily. What can I do? Everything feels so strange and unreal. Misty is the only real thing I can grasp. She was a part of my normal life.
  • Chris is already seated, waiting for the lesson to begin. He has a notebook ready and a textbook before him.
  • Mr. Donald tells me to find an empty seat. Justin points to the table across from his. I sit beside him and share his textbook. I really need to visit the library and get my own books; I will put that on my to do list.
  • Just as luck would have it, Chris’s seat is directly behind Justin’s.
  • Mr. Donald starts the lesson. I find myself feeling uncomfortable. His voice draws fear from the hidden depth of my soul, demons, and the dark ones. His words repeat over and over in my mind. My mind starts to whirl as a nightmare takes control. Everything fades away until I’m lost in my own consciousness.
  • The air is ice cold. Snow drifts slowly from the overcast sky settling on the white blanket that covers the ground.
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