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Chapter 54 Sketch

  • A shocked gasp gets my attention. I look down at an overly large leather book and see myself staring back in sketch form. The sketch is a perfect likeness of me, right down to the shape of my nose and my high cheekbones. At the side of the picture are written the words, Hulk the dark one that captured me chanted.
  • ‘In every generation, a girl will be born, until the girl who bears the rose’s thorn. Rules will be disobeyed that were made to be sworn. The girl will rise through light and dark. She will bear the mark. Hell will be opened. Evil will be welcomed. The child from earth and light will bear the fight. She will end the war. With her, they will fall. The sky will turn red to mourn the dead.’
  • I quickly realize it’s me the words are describing. I am the girl in the prophecy. Pieces start to click together. Do I run? Should I hide? My life has changed again, this time with a twisted fate. I’m the one to blame for the evil roaming the world. ‘The sky will turn red to mourn the dead.' That can only mean one thing. A lot of lives will be lost. My blood opened the portal and allowed the darkest of demons to roam free. I feel doomed, and I’m going to be taking alot of innocent lives with me.
  • There is another passage in a strange text. I am surprised I can make out the words. It tells me how to close the portal. The ‘How’ scares me.
  • My body tingles: a bright flash momentarily blinds me. I blink rapidly as my vision blurs. After a few minutes, my vision clears again. I find myself standing in the middle of a dark and dense wood. It couldn’t be any darker in a coffin six feet under. I can just make out the outlines of the trees. My body screams at me to run. But where to? The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I sense someone, or something, watching me.
  • The darkness nurtures a sense of claustrophobia inside me and spikes my fear. Slowly, I spin around, looking for any sign of danger. There is no sound, no birds or animal noises, just silence. The musty scent of leaves after rainfall surrounds me.
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