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Chapter 66 Justin

  • “We should have killed them while we had the chance, but no, you had to keep rambling on. You are nothing but an idiot!” my stepfather yells, then kicks me in the stomach as I cower on the floor.
  • I hate this man with a passion. I refuse to look him in the eyes. I can’t stand to see his face—the face of my brother.
  • Four years ago, he told us he had thought up a brilliant plan. In a great address to our pack, he had declared, “Fear not my people. The lord of darkness is coming, and we can all feel the change. I know how we can make it into Enchanted Falls, so we too will be protected by the enchantment.” He had looked around at his people and everyone, except my brother, was cheering. My brother stepped out of the pack and did the unimaginable. He questioned our stepfather.
  • “How do you propose we get in? “My brother had asked, and then he turned to our people and addressed them. “Have you forgotten we have been banished and can no longer step through the walls?”
  • Our stepfather grabbed him by his collar, with anger glowing in his eyes, and dragged him into the middle of the clearing where we all gathered to see what would happen next.
  • “I needed a volunteer. I am so glad you have stepped up, son.” The sneer in my stepfather’s voice made my blood ran cold. His beady dark brown eyes and pale complexion made him look menacing. He was a calculating man who took pride in the rules and boundaries he had set for his pack. If you broke any of those rules, trouble would follow. The extent of the punishment depended on his mood.
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