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Chapter 33 Playing The Game

  • I have a quick shower and dress in a gray bodycon dress. I apply makeup the same as I did in the morning, and let my curls hang loosely over my shoulders.
  • Lillian steps into the room. Her face is paler than usual if that’s possible. Without warning, screams echo down the hallway. Cries of pain and desperation. The kind of scream that makes your blood run cold. Tears brim my eyes and my heart cries out for the poor souls. No one deserves to be beaten to the brink of death. The screams get louder, tearing through me like a great shard of glass. My eyes grow larger, and my pulse quickens. My heart thuds like a rock rattling in a box. The screams come again, desperate, terrified. I block out the noise for fear of breaking down in tears. I compose myself before facing Lillian.
  • "Is everything alright?" I ask, glancing in the mirror as I try my best to act casual and block out the haunting cries. The keys in her hand rattle around the cold stone room.
  • "Yes, yes," she replies. I get the feeling she is reassuring herself more than me. Shrugging, I walk to the door. When I was first brought to the castle, I tried to talk to her. Okay, I asked her way too many questions. She ignored every word and walked around like it was normal for a young girl to be thrown into a room and the door locked, keeping her caged. I can now sense her fear. I know why she keeps her distance. The king is an evil twisted man who thrives on fear and pain.
  • We walk through the halls of the castle in silence. The tapping of our shoes on the floor is the only sound. I nod my head and smile at the servants that cross our path. When we pass the men from Lucifer’s army, I keep my eyes glued straight ahead. The men are as mean and calculating as the king.
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