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Chapter 42 Big Day

  • He grins. “Your guests are yet to arrive; it would be a shame if they miss your big day." Hope springs eternal. Maybe they will remain safe and won't be given the fate of death.
  • He loops my arm through his as the doors slowly swing open. He pulls me down the aisle as demons watch from chairs dressed in black fabric bows. We make our way down a deep red velvet runner all the way to the far end of the ballroom. I clutch the flowers tightly; their thorns embed into my skin. Men with sharp fangs and wrinkled faces slaver and froth at the mouth as I pass. My blood sings to them. Each vampire that lunges from their seat receives a painful headache; I am guessing from the king. I watch the display with no feelings. My mind is completely blank.
  • We reach the end where Cole awaits, his hands clenched into tight fists and his jaw set in a firm line. His knuckles white from the pressure.
  • The genie I encountered at the engagement party winks at me as he takes his place behind an ancient wooden stand.
  • I stare blankly ahead. Tears well in my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall. The genie’s words become a low hum as I block out reality.
  • Chris's baby blue eyes flash in my mind. I picture a scene with me pressed up against a tree trunk, my hands running wildly through his hair. Snapping back to reality, heat rises in my face. I don't even like him so why am I thinking of him like that, and at a very inconvenient time?
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