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Chapter 26 Prophecy

  • School dances are not really my thing, but Sarah has put me on the spot. I had dated her a few times before I left to go on my assignment, and since I have been back, she has been acting like I didn’t leave for two years.
  • The truth is things have changed a lot since I last dated her. Hell, she has changed. She is not the shy natural beauty she used to be. Now before me is a girl who thrives on attention. The little amount of clothes she is wearing is making me embarrassed for her.
  • Her whole personality has changed, and to be honest I do not like the person she has become. She has become a hateful jealous person, but still here I am dancing with her.
  • Every now and then she will try pressing her body against mine, so I always hold her at arm’s length, unlacing her fingers from behind my neck.
  • “Ouch,” she hisses. “What the hell, Chris.”
  • I look at her. Anger burns deep in her eyes. I loosen my grip on her waist and look back to where Kayla is dancing with the wolf boy. He spins her around. She smiles and laughs. I want to rip his head off for looking at her never mind touching her.
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