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Chapter 12 Family

  • Hey, how did it go?” Misty asks as I approach the canteen acting, as if nothing has ever happened between us. Even though I still feel reluctant to trust Misty, I cannot deny how good it feels to see a familiar face. If this morning’s class is anything to go by, I need all the friends I can get. I pull a face.
  • “That bad?” She laughs as we queue for lunch. She has no idea. Her brother seriously does not like me.
  • I choose a burger and fries while Misty opts for a salad. After my recent activities I’m rather hungry. We sit at an empty table chatting about my time in the gym. Misty makes me feel better.
  • “My first time with the jump rope, I made it to the top, but I refused to get back down; heights are not my strong point.”
  • “Chris left her up there for about half an hour before he decided to climb up for her.” A young man laughs as he joins us. On closer inspection the man is James.
  • “This is my brother, James. James this is Kayla,” Misty introduces us with a wave of her hand.
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