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Chapter 69 Right And Wrong

  • “I agree, Chris. However, right now, we don’t have a choice,” he says. “Anyway, I have placed everyone else into groups of four. Each group will contain an angel, one wolf, a witch and a fae. The angel’s job will not only be to help fight and lure the demons into the portal but also heal the members of their group. Not every angel is good at healing so some groups will have two angels.” We nod our heads in understanding and agreement.
  • “What about my grandmother?” I ask, the thought of her being in the king’s possession or worse, trapped in the underworld, eats at my insides.
  • “For now, we are not even sure where she is being held. One thing I am certain of is that it is a trap,” James responds without an inch of emotion in his voice.
  • “So, you want to leave her to rot!”
  • “I understand, Kayla, I really do. However, our main priority is stopping Lucifer and making sure he does not gain entry to the angel realm. Because if that happens, we are all dead. It is the fate of one person or the world?” His words are like knives to my heart. My anger bubbles over. The floor beneath my feet shakes.
  • “Kayla, calm down, you know he’s right,” Chris says softly and calmly. Cole appears a few feet away. His hair wet and in a new change of clothes.
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