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Chapter 43 Do I Trust?

  • Heavy footsteps bound towards me. The Black hooded people run in our direction.
  • "Don't worry, Kayla, we are going to take you home." Justin holds out his hand. I turn away unsure. These people lied to me. They all betrayed me in some way. But what other choice do I have? My mind starts to second guess my decision. I can either stay here in the kingdom of darkness or go with people where honesty means nothing.
  • A hand entwines with mine. My body tingles as an electric current render me breathless. Minutes later we appear next to the same waterfall where the beast attacked me. It feels like a lifetime ago now. Chris drags me forward, and the familiar electric current runs through my veins, which tells me it is him. Some of the hooded people stay back while others follow us.
  • Chris drags me into a large black hole hidden behind the waterfall. My body feels as if it is being pulled and pushed in all directions and angles at once.
  • I land on solid ground, surprisingly, on my feet. Chris still grips my hand, cutting off my circulation. His face is still hidden by his hood, but I know it’s him. Bright lights hurt my eyes, and I squeeze them shut. Slowly, I open them and squint. Clear blue skies run for miles. Large circular islands float in mid-air. I open my eyes fully, bewildered by the view. It truly looks like a fantasy land with pure white fluffy clouds and a brilliant blue sky.
  • "Where are we?"
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