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Chapter 39 Cole

  • How could Kayla be so stupid? Did she really think she could get past the enchantment that holds us all captive? The enchantment will lure you in and give you a sense of security. It lets you think you can pass. Then it attacks and devours you. She is lucky I got to her in time. She could have killed herself.
  • She had done the unthinkable trying to escape. I would have put my bet on her being too curious to stay away from the second floor. She would have had the fright of her life if she had ventured up there. I shuddered at the thought of the second floor and the glass encasement flashes in my mind. A beautiful replica of Kayla lies sleeping, a curse put on her by the first witches. She will sleep until the day the prophecy has come to light or passed.
  • When she awakes, she will seek her revenge. My father keeps her close by, to ensure she never wakes. Meredith is the only one powerful enough to stop my father.
  • “Cole!” My father’s voice bounces off the bare walls. I follow the direction it came from. It is never good when he calls. I don’t fear my father, nor do I shake at his voice. I pity him. The only emotions he feels is anger and sadness. However, I don’t fear my father himself but what he can and will do to others. I have suffered many years of pain, delivered by his hand, and now I am numb to any feelings towards him but pity.
  • “Miss Knight is waiting in the chamber; she requires fifty lashes. She will pay for not reporting that Kayla had left the castle walls.”
  • I bow my head. “Father, fifty lashes will kill her. She is an old woman.” I try pleading with him, why? I don’t know. He doesn’t care. He loves death. The highlight of his day is watching the servant’s blood pool around them as they scream and beg for their life, sometimes it can be up to three or more a day. On a good day it can be as little as one.
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