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Chapter 15 Shopping

  • Saturday rolls around quickly. Climbing into the back of James’s car I find myself feeling anxious. The last time I had gone shopping didn’t end well. Still, I’m glad to be getting out of the gates and into the real world.
  • The journey is shorter than I am expecting. In less than half an hour we are walking through the front doors of a large shopping centre.
  • This is going to be a long day.
  • James leaves us at the entrance, allowing us to shop alone. Before he leaves, Misty and James stare at each other silently, their heads tilting or nodding at times. Strange, I think as I watch them.
  • Misty drags me from one store to the next, I never knew shopping could be so exhausting Misty is not tiring though, shopping is her thing.
  • “Oh my gosh, that is the dress, you have defiantly got to buy that, it’s perfect” I have tried on a dozen dresses, finding something wrong with each of them.
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