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Chapter 36 Hell Hound

  • "Kayla, you are free to roam the castle. But the second floor is out of bounds," the king says in a bored tone. My spoon covered in corn flakes stops mid-air. Free? I’m not free. The thick brambles and deadly thorns hold me in place. However, I am one step closer to leaving this dull and deadly castle behind. I consider having freedom to walk the halls and not having my door locked a small victory.
  • "Thank you," I respond, knowing he is waiting for an answer. He nods and begins eating again. His black eyes dance with a smug look. We are clearly playing a new game; one I am yet to learn the rules of.
  • "What are your plans for today, Father?" Cole asks, leaning back in his chair. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he is not interested in what his father will be doing. Yet he still asks.
  • "I have a wedding to arrange for the end of the month. There are still many guests to arrive. Security to organize and of course decorations and food to plan." He pauses and looks up at Cole. I raise an eyebrow slightly. The decorations should be easy for him bare and bland. Why the king wants me to marry his son is still a mystery. I’m betting there is an ulterior reason behind his motives as he seems too eager and excited to get the wedding underway. Whatever his motives are, I know they’ll not be good for me.
  • The servant’s whispers of me becoming a puppet play on my mind. I won’t allow that to happen. I can’t.
  • The king glared at Cole. “You should take more interest in your wedding, your future." Fire leaps in is black irises. My stomach drops. He has been more tolerant lately. The upcoming wedding has distracted him from dishing out unnecessary punishments and kept his anger at bay.
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