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Chapter 17 Cave

  • After hours of walking the trees begin to thin as a clearing comes into view. Large hilltops and cliffs lay ahead. In the middle of each hilltop sits a grey metal door. They remind me have mushroom houses the type you would find elves living in. Only these hillside rooms gave off an eerie feeling and not a aww that’s cute one.
  • The men march forward until we come to the third hilltop. One man opens the door as another thrust us inside roughly. I fall to the floor with the sheer force, grazing my already sore knees on the hard, freezing concrete. The cold rushes to my bones, its frosty hands chilling my skin. The door slams loudly shut. The vibration runs through my body.
  • “Now, what?” I ask him as I get to my feet.
  • “We wait.” He struggles to his feet, pulling his phone out of his pocket. He shines the light around the cave, using it as a torch. A single rusty bed lies in the centre, along with an old, chipped wicker chair, the stone room was mostly bare, and a few candles line the walls.
  • Chris finds some matches and lights them all until there is a soft glow in the cave, casting shadows on the walls.
  • I take the phone out of his hand.
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