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Chapter 55 Zombie

  • My eyes feel sore, like I’ve been crying for hours. My tongue feels like sandpaper and my mouth dry. I look around the darkened room. Misty lays on one of the couches, her legs dangling in an unnatural position. The boys lay scattered around the room, all appear to be sleeping.
  • I pull myself into a sitting position slowly, relieved to discover the pain is no longer there, and happy my legs work again.
  • I creep into the kitchen and take a seat at the table. The books we have yet to look through lay piled on the top. I take one and scan the pages. I need to find away to stop the order before they destroy me.
  • I look through book after book with no joy. The Order of Terror never once gets a mention. I throw the last book down and decide on a cup of coffee to keep myself focused. I’m not usually a fan of coffee, but I could sure use the caffeine now.
  • Every one of my muscles hurts like I’ve run a marathon and I am now paying for it. My head feels groggy too, like I’ve not slept in days. Sleep is the last thing on my mind right now though.
  • Pouring the hot water into the cup, the aroma of coffee causes nausea to rise. Maybe coffee is a bad idea. Strong arms wrap around my waist. I freeze.
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