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Chapter 65 Sacred Ground

  • “Where are we?” I ask with a shaky voice. Justin has betrayed us. I’m confused, and my head hurts. I’ve left my friends behind, even though I didn’t have a choice, and I feel guilty and ashamed for doing so. What was that sword Justin had? If it could install fear into Michael, it must be something deadly. The thought sends another surge of panic through me.
  • Cole tells me we’re in a hotel in Chapel St Leonard’s on the English coast, and that it closed recently for the end of the holiday season. “This village is built on sacred ground,” he says. “Demons and soulless creatures cannot step foot here. If they do, they will burn from the inside out.” I cringe at the thought and step further into the building, entering the first room. Multiple sofas fill the large area. The room has a large open fireplace. On one side a large bookshelf takes up all the space, and the other side is taken up by a large TV.
  • I take a seat on one of the sofas. My body still feels drained, and my head feels like it has a marching band parading through it.
  • Cole paces the floor in front of the mantelpiece. I close my eyes and block out his heavy footsteps. My mind taunts me with gut-wrenching images. My eyes snap open as I jump from the sofa.
  • I need to stop my mind conjuring up these unneeded and unwanted images. I step into the next room. A bar runs the full length of the far wall. To the right of the room is a stage. In the center, tables and chairs are neatly lined up as if expecting customers at any time. Dusty bottles lined the bar., their brilliant green and blues lost behind the gray-white layer. The place looks like it has been left empty for a long time. I walk across the floor. My trainers make a hollow tapping noise with each step. I open the hatch and step behind the bar running my hands across the bottles of spirits lining the wall.
  • I eye the vodka, find a glass, and rinse it under the tap. Placing the glass under the optic, I push up on it several times, but no liquid will come out. I slam the glass down, then spot some bottles under the bar. I grab one and pour myself a drink. The liquid burns my throat and instantly warms my chest.
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