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Chapter 21 Memories Erased

  • She presses her lips to mine, the lightest of touches. My body responds with a mind of its own. My hands fly to her hip, gripping tightly. I press my lips harder against hers. The movement knocks her backwards. Her back presses up against the large tree trunk. 
  • Strong electric currents run through my body. Fire spreads through my veins, making me feel feverish. 
  • Her hands run through my now overgrown hair as she meets every kiss. The fire burns hotter. 
  • I run my tongue over her lips. She lets out a soft moan, making my desire run deeper. She willingly parts them, allowing me entrance. Her sweet exotic taste explodes in my mouth, pushing me to deepen the kiss. 
  • Her legs become unsteady. I lift her up. She wraps her legs around my waist tightly. Her tongue runs in rhythm with my own. Her hands lock securely around my neck. 
  • We draw apart, both of us gasping for air. Reality hits me like a ton of bricks. The lingering darkness vanishes in an instant. 
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