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Chapter 898 Showing Off

  • Holding on to the arm of the man next to her, Veronica introduced him with fondness, “This is my boyfriend, Soren Stone. We met in the first-class cabin during a flight. Both of us share the same interests. We love to have afternoon tea at the Royal Hotel and shop at the same luxury goods store.”
  • Veronica's glance fell onto Alex. He looks pleasant, but his clothes look cheap. He doesn't even own a watch. I'm sure he's just a poor toyboy.
  • Jessica responded perfunctorily, “Not bad. The two of you make a pretty good match. I wish the best for both of you.”
  • Since they were young, Veronica had never liked her. Jessica was aware that even though they might be grownups now, Veronica still liked to show that she was superior.
  • The things that Veronica had said earlier on were just her way of showing off. Jessica could not be bothered with her cousin. She wanted to leave as soon as possible to spend more time alone with Alex.
  • “By the way, what does your boyfriend do, Jessica?” Veronica deliberately turned the focus onto Alex to embarrass Jessica.
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