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Chapter 885 Singled Out

  • “I'm good. I don't think this place is safe anyway,” Alex said with a ghost of a smile.
  • Elijah was not too insistent on Alex staying together with them since he knew that the man was no ordinary man. Then, he passed the map in his bag to Alex.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, take this, please. I don't think I will need this any longer. I hope that you will get everything you wish for,” Elijah said.
  • Alex did not take the map. Instead, he reached out to grab Elijah's hand and dragged him behind himself.
  • “Why can't you get just this one thing straight? Aren't you going to be safer by my side than with these people?” Alex said as he knocked on Elijah's head.
  • Elijah was hit by a pang of realization, and he finally understood that the man standing before him was no ordinary man. No harm would come to him if he just tagged along by Alex's side.
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