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Chapter 882 Lost

  • Alex could see that several hundreds of people had gathered to fight for the chance. Deep down, he couldn't bear seizing the opportunity from them for the sake of rescuing his daughter.
  • All the more so, since Alex only wished to ask the Holy Maiden some questions, he didn't have to become a guard of the Holy Land.
  • “Is there any other way to meet the Holy Maiden?” Alex probed.
  • To Alex's disappointment, the elder shook his head and said, “Not everyone can meet the Holy Maiden. Even the guards of the Holy Land have to be immensely fortunate to meet her. I'm over seventy now, and the Holy Maiden has changed several times. However, I never had the chance to meet anyone of them.”
  • Alex never thought that it would be that troublesome. Despite that, he thought everything was worth a try for the sake of his daughter.
  • “In that case, I have no choice.” As the Grandmaster, Alex believed everyone there was no match for him.
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