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Chapter 878 Exposed

  • When the junior priest passed the pill over, Alex smirked coldly. It was just like what he guessed. A valuable herb like snapdragon was rare and priceless—he only managed to get one in an auction at the Ancient Medicine Exposition.
  • With a single glance at the black pill, Alex could tell what it was made of—flour, honey, and some food coloring.
  • This pill, which was the size of a thumbnail, cost five thousand. However, the cost price was probably a few cents.
  • Master Lincoln was scamming others by claiming to be a miracle priest. As a martial artist as well, Alex felt that he was being despicable.
  • “Is this what you call a miraculous pill?” Alex stared at Master Lincoln sharply.
  • The latter could feel an intimidating aura from Alex. Judging from that, he could tell that Alex was definitely powerful enough to crush him.
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