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Chapter 872 Is It You Who Took it

  • Tyrael was flipping through the pages of his medical journal. He tried his best not to miss a single word while skimming through its content and eventually closed the book without any finding.
  • “I have never heard of such poison before. It's not detailed anywhere in the medical journals. I'm afraid I cannot help you, Dr. Jefferson. I'm so sorry.” Tyrael scratched his head while speaking awkwardly.
  • Although Alex could anticipate the outcome, he was still disappointed when Tyrael said it to his face. After all, if he could find out what poison was in Emmalyn's body, the issue could be solved.
  • In the hospital, Alex noticed that Kate was behaving weirdly, even at one point doubting that she was involved in it. However, when Alex made it clear that he needed to know what poison it was to save Emmalyn, there was no admission from her.
  • That could only mean only one thing—Kate might have nothing to do with Emmalyn being poisoned. At the end of the day, Kate was not a cold-hearted person that was willing to let her own daughter die.
  • Alex knew that Kate wanted to use Emmalyn as leverage. Hence, she would not have let her die just like that.
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