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Chapter 859 A Very Cunning Person

  • “Daddy, look! Grandpa taught me so many things while you were away these few days. I'll show you!” Stanley declared to Alex proudly.
  • Alex nodded, smiling. “Sure! I'm curious to know what your grandfather taught you.”
  • Stanley sprang up from the couch. His expression turned solemn as he shifted into different stances and moved his fists in the air. Although every move was well-executed, he was still too young to unleash the full power of the techniques.
  • Every move was familiar to Alex since he had practiced those same techniques when he was little.
  • As the eldest son in the Jefferson family, Shane would have learned those moves as well. However, he was spoiled and weak as a child, so Susan did not allow him to train.
  • “Dad, Stanley is only six years old. Isn't it a little too soon for him to learn this?” Alex asked Zachary.
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